Commercial Offices

KM Cleaning Services have been providing cleaning and washroom services to many commercial properties in Central London and the surrounding counties.

It is of the utmost importance to make sure that a regular cleaning programme is in place at any commercial property to not only maintain the fabrication and finishes of the building but also to make it an inviting environment to people to want to work in.

Our suite of services we can offer make it a one stop shop solution for our customers making it easier for them to control the frequency and to maintain a consistent level of cleanliness required from the areas leading up to the property and within the building surrounding the customers everyday work area.

Very much the same as for our security company a well thought out mobilisation period is very important to start the contract off on the right track but then needs to be followed up with regular monthly Service Level and Key Performance Agreements to ensure that we are performing to the customers’ expectations and beyond.

Speak with our professional team about your Commercial Office requirements